Yoga is a practice that can challenge and motivate you as well as put you back in touch with yourself. It helps build a stronger connection between your mind and body, a closer relationship between your inner and your outer self.

Sessions are tailored to suit your own personal needs, and not only help you gain a better understanding of yoga as an exercise form, they also allow for a personalised yoga exercise plan to address specific needs, something which is not possible in group classes. As part of a regular exercise regimen, yoga can help you tone and motivate you, lose weight, strengthen from within, improve balance, flexibility and well being.

Hatha yoga, which focuses on meditation and mindfulness along with all over strength and endurance gains can also be part of your sessions.

If a lack of confidence with yoga poses or working with injuries is a concern, you can be helped no matter what level you are or fitness. 1-1 yoga sessions can take place in person in the comfort of your own home, or online using Zoom. Private tuition can provide the foundation to start or enhance your yoga journey.